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My First Sex Scene (mature)

June 3, 2009

As soon as they entered the apartment, he took her into his arms and kissed her gently. The kissing continued, becoming more passionate as they pressed their bodies together. Breathing heavily, they moved toward the couch, unfastening each other’s clothing as they went.

He kissed her lips, cheek, and neck. She responded with soft moans as his lips moved down to her breasts. He sucked her nipples and her breathing became harder. Kissing down her stomach to her mound, his mouth found her clitoris and he kissed and licked until she began to squirm in excitement. He moved back to lay beside her and they explored each other’s bodies. She kissed him the way he had kissed her, working her way down his body. She kissed and licked his hard organ. When she wrapped her mouth around it, she heard him sigh. Encouraged, she began to suck in earnest, eliciting more pleasurable responses from him. He stopped her before he could climax.

When she was laying beside him again, he kissed her softly, his hands caressing her breasts. She could feel his erection as he moved himself between her legs. As he entered her, her breath caught in anticipation. He made love to her slowly, kissing and caressing her the whole time. She had never had anyone make love to her like he did. They climaxed together, holding each other tightly.

With arms and legs entangled, neither of them wanted to move. They lay without speaking, not wanting to break the spell of the moment. Both of them were lost in their thoughts.

All she could think of to say was, “I love you”, but this was not the time for that. She didn’t love him, just the way he had made her feel. She hadn’t known him long enough to be in love. All she knew about him was that he was a guitar player in the band that played at the bar she’d been to earlier. She thought he was incredibly sexy and downright gorgeous. He’d started a conversation with her before the band played, then during a break he’d asked her if she’d like to go out after they finished. She had agreed without even thinking about it. Even if she never saw him again, she felt it was worth it.

He lay there thinking this girl was one of the best fucks he had picked up in a long time. Most of the girls he’d had lately were either drunk or stoned. They talked too much and wanted it fast and rough. This girl was much quieter and liked the slow sex. He liked to go slow, get all the pleasure he could from it. He could tell she enjoyed it by the way she laid there smiling. He rarely slept with a girl more than once, but thought he might make an exception with this one.

She looked at him and smiled. He got up off the couch, took her hand, and led her to the bedroom.